Cheryl Baduini:

Connecting with Nature through Clay

Join us at Pottery by Yvonne’s studio Aug 4th -5th, 2018 and learn how to use elements from Nature to inspire our process and to make impressions on clay. This workshop will be include an optional day to tour area lavender farms.

Open to ages 15 and up, all skill levels. $200.00 per person.

Click here for class schedule.  Contact Pottery By Yvonne for lodging options.

About the Artist:

 I love working with clay because it brings me back to nature’s basic elements.

Trained as a marine biologist, I began working with clay as a creative outlet while writing my dissertation in 2000.  Over the years, I have continued to bridge the fields of art and science, realizing they have more similarity and application in my world today than they had in the past.  Both require trial, error, and repetition to get a desirable end result.  I am a true naturalist at heart and I have always been attracted to art forms that incorporate natural elements. For the last fifteen years my focus has been on wheel-throwing, hand-building, and using elements from Nature for decorating my ware.  My pottery forms have included impressions of flowers, leaves, corals, shells, and even sea animals that have been cast upon the beach.  Additionally, I have used sgraffito to copy renditions of natural petroglyphs carved by Pre-Columbians from the reserve in Costa Rica where I teach Tropical Biology and Marine Biology courses in an undergraduate study abroad program.      

Recently, I spent two years taking classes at Baltimore Clayworks in Maryland.  Also, I have conducted several workshops in clay, and I am an advanced ceramics student at the Renee Foosaner Education Center in Melbourne, Florida.

Dave Hodapp:

Raku Surface Decoration

Using Colored Mica


Join us at Pottery By Yvonne's studio August 11th-12th for a hands-on workshop where participants will explore surface decoration using mica infused terra sigillata for naked raku, horsehair, and foil saggar raku techniques.

Open to ages 15 and up, intermediate to advanced skill levels. $200.00 per person.

Click here for class schedule.  Contact Pottery By Yvonne for lodging options.

About the Artist:

Dave Hodapp is a retired college chemistry professor who has utilized his chemistry background to enhance his ceramic techniques. He works primarily at two temperature extremes, low fire raku and high fire crystalline glazes. He has participated in workshops nationally and internationally to broaden his knowledge of surface decoration techniques. He is among a handful of ceramic artists pioneering the use of cosmetic grade mica powders for raku decoration. He has taught workshops on the use of mica infused terra sigillata for raku techniques in California and Nevada.