Community Classes Off And Running

This month starts the second session of Pottery By Yvonne's community clay classes. I think the favorite from sign ups is my Date Night With Clay. We just finished the second event last night. These classes offer a fun alternative for a date night.

Combining instruction on wheel throwing with some good food, drinks, community, and maybe finding a new passion, makes for a fun evening all around. I wasn't sure how this would all go when I first started but it is ending up to be a lot of fun all around.

We give each person coming to the class four pounds of clay. I walk through the step by step process of throwing a bowl. Everyone goes through the process of creating their bowl with their spin. We take a break and chat, have some snacks and a drink. The second half of the class finds people a bit more relaxed and ready to experiment. Forms thrown included tumblers, ring dishes, spoon rests, and more.

We clean up and all of the pieces are set aside to dry for trimming. I trim all of the pots and set them aside to dry for the first firing. I then glaze all of the pieces in one glaze combination and fire everything again. All of the pieces are packaged and ready for pick by guests.

Then end result is hopefully a fun evening with a pot or two to remember the event and a connection or two to people in the community. If you'd like to join us for this monthly event, you can sign up at

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