If You Build It, They Will Come

So about a year ago, my family and I purchased a sweet little property in Tumalo, Oregon. Tumalo is a quaint community right outside of Bend, Oregon. The property had a lovely log home with a dilapidated pole barn. I knew the pole barn would be a great space for my pottery studio. I wanted a space where I could continue to create, I could hold community classes, and maybe bring in a few artists every summer to teach interesting workshops.

My family, along with a few contractors, and I worked hard to get the space usable. I was able to begin working in the studio this past fall and was back in production. During the new year, I was able to offer my first community classes like Date Night and Friday Night with Clay.

The final piece of my quest was to host other artists with interesting techniques that I thought other potters or aspiring potters would be interested in learning. I decided to call it "Clay in the High Desert". This year I have three very different artists visiting my studio in July and August. There are only ten wheels in my studio so the event will be smaller and hopefully more collaborative and intimate.

First up for my tilting at windmills is Shawn Felts. He is a San Francisco potter who specilizes in throwing barware. I took his class three years ago and found him to be an amazing potter, person, and teacher. He throws everything from flasks to growlers. His knowledge of clay and firing methods is deep and he is generous in sharing his knowledge. His skill set is a perfect match for Bend.

Second up is a potter I worked with during my time in Florida. Cheryl Baduini is a marine biologist and potter. She spends part of her year teaching aspiring marine biologists in Panama and the other part of her year pursuing clay. She has drawn upon her career in nature and applied it to clay.

She is incredibly precise and works diligently to perfect any process she tackles. Her current love is applying plants to pots and then applying washes and paint. The end result is a very realistic botanical pot.

Last up is a retired Chemistry Professor from Sacramento, California, Dave Hoddap. I met him last summer when he was visiting another Bend potter during the eclipse. He showed me pots that he had applied a mica mixture and then raku fired. The end result was stunning.

So, I wanted to get him to visit my studio to teach the process and glaze application to myself and other potters.

So this is my line up for this summer. I hope it will be the first of many on my studio farm. If you think any of these might be a good addition to your skill set, I hope you will join us in the boutique workshop event. You can sign up and learn more at potterybyyvonne.com/workclasses

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