Long Road to Oregon

My son, husband, dog, and I drove our two cars and all of my glazes across country from Florida to Oregon in early May. Our moving truck was already on the road, so we were driving fairly quickly to get to our new home in Bend, Oregon. Our trip spanned six days and we drove through eight states.

I think it rained most of the trip. We arrived in Bend ahead of our moving truck, so we were on camping mattresses and using paper plates for a few days.

My studio renovations were well underway, but still a few weeks from being usable. The framing was complete, but wiring needed to be finished, insulation and drywall needed to be completed, the entire space needed painted, and my french doors needed to be installed. In the mean time, we had to get the irrigation working on our property and start landscaping projects. Once the moving truck arrived, we had major unpacking to do. Because my studio wasn't ready most of my equipment had to be stored in our garage. It made sorting through boxes as challenge.

It took several weeks for the construction to be complete so that we could paint and start moving my studio into place. Looking at the picture in process and where we would end up, it is amazing to see what we have accomplished in such a short span of time.

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