Saying Good Bye To Florida

Florida was supposed to be a four year lark, a way for my family to see the East Coast, enjoy the sun and beaches, and have a bit of an adventure. But, life plays jokes on us every once in awhile and 4 years turned into 13. I ended up raising my kids in the south far away from my western roots. However, along the way I made some great friends, discovered beach living, and also rediscovered clay and art.

Four years ago, I started taking classes at Foosaner Education Center with no more of a goal in mind than taking a fun class. But after one class in

clay, I was hooked. I learned and improved my craft by taking classes from some really great and giving teachers in a wonderful vibrant arts community in Eau Gallie, Florida. I went from hobby potter to selling my work in two years. As a serial entrepreneur, it was only a matter of time. Pottery fuels my creative side and selling my work fuels my business side. My work brings together a life time of experience of entrepreneurship, graphic design, writing, and art.

Florida is home to a lot of artists and I was lucky enough to belong to an artist coop in Cocoa Village, Carolyn Seiler and Friends, with a varied group of artists. I was able to try a number of different forms and pottery surface drawing from the colors and textures that infuse Florida. Along the way, I have met some amazing artists and customers.

Along with a local presence, I also started online shops on etsy and amazon learning the marketing side of my business as I grew. With my local and online presence, my work expanded and a real pottery business took shape.

However, with all things, I find life comes full circle. My family and I wanted to get back to the west. We looked around at a lot of different locations and Bend, Oregon seemed to work for everyone in my family for various career pursuits. So we found some property just outside of Bend where I could build a pottery studio to continue my work and we could have enough land to try some sustainable farming.

We are starting our drive there today and saying good bye to Florida. I'm leaving behind some great friends, memories, and the rebirth of my art. I am excited for the move back to the west and look forward to see how the surrounding colors and country side influence my direction as a clay artist.

More as it comes.


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