Throwing In ChoCoLate Stoneware

chocolate stoneware clay before the bisque firing

I spent the day throwing some of my ChoCoLate stoneware clay. You have to like getting your hands dirty for this clay. It throws so smooth but it stains my hands and pretty much makes a mess of my studio. I found this clay at New Mexico Clay when I visited New Mexico this past November and find it to be one of the most beautiful clay bodies that I have seen. So far, I’ve made mugs, French butter dishes, espresso cups, storage jars, and double chip dip bowls. I have some large dishes in the design stage as well.

The clay fires to a warm smooth chocolate finish, so I've been leaving parts of the pots unglazed. The end result is a organic product that I think could fit into a coastal home or a country home setting.

Chocolate Stoneware Salad Bowl or Batter Bowl