Yvonne Tornatta

I have always loved making art and writing.  I spent most of my adult life working in high technology as a writer and came back to making art full time five years ago.  I love working with clay and the 3-D surface that it offers.  My focus is on wheel thrown functional forms.  I look at the best way to craft the pottery for everyday use as well as adding colors and textures to create ceramics that are also fun to look at.  I like teaching project based classes to students looking to explore clay as a 3-D design surface.


Sydney Dickerson

Creating art for others to enjoy is the best feeling in the world to me. I began making pots during high school in Portland, Oregon. Since moving to Bend I have started exploring the world of reduction kiln firing and glaze making. My main focus is finding creative ways to bring functional ware into the household and garden. Surrounding myself with other artists is important to me, as I flourish with the inspiration and creativity they bring into the studio. While teaching, I hope to continue encouraging others to push their artistic limits, whilentertwining traditional techniques of throwing that I believeevery potter could benefit from.